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This selector has been designed to help you narrow down your choice of the vast selection of gowns  we have on offer.

We hope you will agree that his facility is almost as good as a visit to our shop , enabling you to select those gowns that suit your requirements exactly.....and all from the comfort of you own home.

Below is a little advice that we would suggest you read before venturing into our wedding gown selector, it will help you make more informed decisions about the type of gown you require. Once you are happy, press the 'Select a Dress' button below to use the wedding gown selector, if however you  wish to bypass the wedding gown selector and view all of the gowns available (but be warned there are a large number of gowns! ) then press the 'Show All' button below.

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Types of Wedding Gowns

It is important to understand the difference between an informal and a formal wedding gown before you venture any further into our web site.

Formal Wedding Gowns

Brides looking at formal wedding gowns are usually planning a traditional church wedding. Formal wedding gowns tend to offer the bride a fuller skirt and in some cases a train which will vary in length. They also offer more in the way of embroidery, crystals, sequins and pearls on either bodice, skirt, train or a combination of these. Due to all of the above factors they tend to be more expensive than informal wedding gowns.

Informal Wedding Gowns

An informal wedding gown is usually selected by brides who are planning a wedding with a civil ceremony - either in a registry office or hotel. Informal gowns also offer a choice to brides who are planning a Caribbean wedding. These gowns tend to have little or no train and also offer little or no detail, such as crystals, sequins or pearls. The skirts on informal gowns tend not to be as full as those of formal wedding gowns.